Walter Edward Westbrook kimberley and kent artist: calm, beauty and pure direct vision
painting of Namib desert scene


Walter Edward Westbrook’s work has appeared in a number of books and publications, including:

150 South African Paintings Past and Present by Lucy Alexander & Evelyn Cohen Struikhof Publishers ISBN 0 947458 25 5 "Westbrook is a landscapist, who, like so many painters in the dry interior of South Africa, has found inspiration in its flat and endless plains, bridging voids from foreground to horizon...."

Berman's Art & Artists of South Africa Esme Berman AA Balkema Publishers ISBN 0 86961 144 5 Pages, 65, 244, 370, 488, 499, 500, 515, 516, 517, 518 & 519 "Walter Westbrook is a landscape painter, whose most distinctive stylistic trait is the sense of space apparent in his is in his colour and composition that he separates himself from the conventional descriptive painters..."

Leading South African artist, Alexis Preller wrote of Westbrook's art: "The impression which has remained with me, is one of calm, beauty and pure direct vision."

Press cuttings and reviews can be found in the South African and British news archives, including the Pretoria Art Museum and William Humphrey’s Art Gallery.

SABC 2010 – A Country Imagined:

A Country Imagined explores art, music, literature and dance that engages the South African landscape. This thirteen-part series, produced by Curious Pictures, is presented by Johnny Clegg, who goes on a journey through South Africa to explore the connections between landscape, art and identity.

Walter Westbrook’s artwork is featured in episode 4 which features the landscape of the Northern Cape.